Nozzle bag function introduction

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Nozzle bag heat sealing fastness strong pressure resistance, not easy to break down, and no leakage; nozzle bag can replace the bottle to use, save the cost, improve the market competitiveness of the products of its performance can be comparable with the container aluminium cans, Tetra Pak, PET bottles of drinks, and has the advantages of convenient drinking, light weight, material less consumption, convenient transportation and other vessels can have advantages, therefore, widely for food and beverages, daily necessities and other manufacturers trust. So, what are the main nozzle bag function?
1, barrier property, good softness, long shelf life, keep the product in a good effect for a long time. Strong sealing. Non-toxic and tasteless, conform to the hygiene standards of food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging. This kind of chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, or moisture, light resistant packaging is the best choice. Spout pouches can be used for the automatic, semi-automatic or manual filling of cold or hot filling, and 100 DEG C high temperature sterilization, is present and future drinks, including best packaging container liquid milk, juice, jelly, alcoholic beverages.
2, the self-supporting bag: a bottom level of support structure of the soft packing bag, do not rely on any support, whether or not can self standing bag. Pouch is a relatively new form of packaging, improve product quality, strengthen the shelves in the visual effect, portability, convenient use, preservation and sealing etc. advantage. Self-supporting bag by PET/PE laminated structure, also can have 2 layers, 3 layers and other material specifications, according to different products and packaging, according to the need to increase the oxygen isolating layer, reduce the oxygen transmission rate, prolong the shelf life.
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