The stable development of Chinese plastics recycling industry

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Shanghai - although China government take measures to control the waste plastic import, but plastics recycling industry will continue to maintain double-digit growth.
Plastics Recycling Committee China plastics processing industry association Changning red Tao in 2014 China Chinaplas (Chinaplas) Green Forum said in a speech, Chinese waste plastic import remains the world's largest, at the same time, the domestic waste plastics recycling and utilization in growing number.
He said that last year, the implementation of the hedgerow action of waste plastics imports fell by 1000000 tons, compared with the expected decline is not large.
He added that, although some senior enterprises reduce imports or engage in other business transformation, but the new application of waste plastic import license of the enterprises gradually increased. China has more than 3000 registered imports of waste plastics and processing enterprises.
Currently engaged in the total number of waste plastics processing enterprises more than 1.
In Chinese recycling of waste plastics in the total amount of imports, the proportion is not high. According to data compiled by the committee, in 2013 24900000 tons of recycled plastic in the total import volume of 7900000 tons, accounting for 30%, slightly higher than the.
The European Union is the largest source of imports of waste plastics China, accounted for 1/4 of imported waste plastics Chinese.
Ning Hongtao said, in the total amount of China plastics recycling industry, more than 40% of the large and medium-sized enterprises. These companies are mostly distributed in the coastal areas of advanced plastic processing, import and the relative stability of the procurement supply and sales channels, relatively high profit.
The central and western regions of the large recycling recycling enterprise mainly engaged in domestic plastics.
Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shandong and Hebei provinces are the main distribution of recycled plastics and processing center, and each region, each are not identical.
High levels of LDPE and HDPE thin film material using Tianjin, Hebei and Shandong in the vicinity of the main recovery. Zhejiang, Shanghai and Jiangsu will need to clean PET, HDPE, polypropylene and part of Engineering materials. Fujian LDPE film demand for low level greatly. Guangdong of engineering plastics and part of the PE, PP and PET consumption.
Regeneration China plastic rate rose steadily in the past five years, reaching 30% in 2013.
Professional work division and regeneration of the large number of enterprises, a logistics distribution network efficiency, strong ability of competition and survival. But these enterprises generally lack the sense of environmental protection, therefore has become the focus of government regulation. Ning Hongtao pointed out that, at present the enterprise policy requires regeneration measures more environmentally friendly, large enterprises more easily to get policy support, the survival of small enterprises will gradually lose.
Some of the serious pollution of the small enterprises will be launched in the market, while others will move into the regeneration of large industrial park.
Ning Hongtao said, considering various factors, plastics recycling enterprises Chinese urgent need for standardization and scale appear.
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